About Us

We, Nugenix, are pleased to introduce ourselves as the  India Partner & Vendor for Kinova Robotics, Borisbriand’s Robotic Arms. We have set up comprehensive Robotics labs for leading engineering institutes worldwide and in India including IIT’s, in defense labs (DRDO’s) and corporate.

Our Mobile Robots (For Land, Air and Sea) and Robotic Manipulator Arms integrated with Sensors, Cameras, GPS, IMU’s (Accelerometer, Magnetometer and Gyroscope) and LIDAR’s form the bedrock infrastructure for establishing robotics labs enabling the students and researcher to learn and develop applications in the fields of Mobile Manipulation, Industry 4.0 Robotics, Brain Computer Interface, Artificial Intelligence, Defense Robotics, Agricultural Robotics, Rehabilitation/Assistive/Medical Robots, Human Computer Interaction, Disaster Response Management and Advanced Manufacturing.

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Mobile Manipulator