Continuous payload

3 kg (at 11.1V)

Maximum Joint Speed

378°Per Second

Total Weight

5 kg with mouting base

Power consumption

11.1V 12.0V

Santulan Parallel 6DOF

Research Platform

±0.173 mm

Pose Repeatability


Maximum Velocity


Santulan Parallel Platform is a strong and agile 6-Degrees of Freedom parallel platform with a wide workspace. It is best suited for gaming integrations, precisely controlled manipulators, camera mounts with exceptional peep features, medical applications, 3D and 5D printing machines, laser cutting/engraving, and academic or research labs. 

In the inverted mounting configuration, it can handle a wide range of food products, and can easily do pick-and-place operations as in the pharma, and electronics industry.

Technical Specifications


Type6-RSS Parallel Platform, 6DOF
Number of axes6
Pose repeatability±0.173 mm (ISO 9283)
Weight5 kg with mouting base
Cubical workspace60mm × 60mm × 60mm\
Max Displacements X ~ 320mm, Y ~ 308mm, Z ~ 158mm
Max Angular DisplacementsRoll ~ 43°, Pitch ~ 25°, Yaw ~ 65°
Payload3 kg (at 11.1V)
Operating temperature -5°C to +80°C
Mounting position Floor, ceiling, walls, floating
Size300mm × 300mm × 450mm with a Supporting Base Stand of 50mm.
Surface finish, paintworkBase stand (stationary) Metallic gray, Moving parts: Chromium-plated
MaterialBody – Chromium-plated mild steel
  Actuators – Engineering plastic body
 Links – Mild Steel Coupler
  Bolts – Stainless Steel
Joint Level Accuracy0.088°
Minimum Incremental Motion1.5mm
Maximum Velocity0.5m/s
Maximum Joint Torque5.5N.m (at 11.1V) 6.0N.m (at 12V) 7.3N.m (at 14.8V)
Maximum Joint Speed378°Per Second
Force/Torque ControlTorque control (up to 10-bit precision) at each joint allows end-effector force/torque control
Sound Level< 50dB
Top PlatformModified for more agility and lightweight. Provision for mounting sensors and gripper


Operating Voltage11.1V 12.0V (Recommended) 14.8V
Maximum Current30A at Full load
Standby Current600mA
Connecting CableSingle 3-Wire cable for Communication and Power
Actuator CharacteristicsFull metal gear PID adjustable using separate 
 Actuator GUI Contactless absolute encoder (12 bit for 360°) 
 Feedback: Position, Temperature Position, Velocity, or Torque Control
Power Supply110/220 V to 12V


Supported platforms PC with Mac or Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Raspberry Pi, or other distributions)
Programming Compatibility MATLAB, Python, Java, C/C++, C#, LabView, ROS.
Communication USB to TTL (Daisychain – Half duplex Asynchronous Serial Communication)
API Compatibility Python, ROS

GUI Features

+ Cartesian Jogging for Position and Orientation

+ PTP Motion using Cycloidal, Cubic, Quintic, and Cosine trajectories

+ Controllers: Virtual using mouse, Android App or 3D Joystick

+ Programmed motions: Planar/Vertical SHM, Spiral, Lissajous, Helical, Precession

+ Live plot for joint angles for any cartesian motion, end-effector homogeneous transformation matrix, error logs

+ Mouse interactive 3D visualization and standard views buttons

+ Trace feature for end-effector motion visualization

+ Inbuilt safety feature for singularity check and joint angle limits

Stewart Force Am Platform Includes

+ 1 No. all rotary parallel Stewart platform with actuators and base stand.

+ USB to TTL converter for communication.

+ 12V, 30A power supply.

+ Junction box with Emergency stop.

+ 3 core, 10m, submersible cable.

+ USB Drive with Software, API, Assembly Instructions, User Documentation, Android Application, Videos, and Example codes.

+ Lab Manuals for teaching.


Standard computer with i5 procesor or above, 8 GB RAM, with Graphics card. Preferably with Linux Ubuntu 14.04 or higher.

Field Of Use

+ As a Laboratory Apparatus or in Classroom for Demonstrating Parallel Robot.

+ Positioners for Cameras, Solar Plates, Mirrors, and Surgical Instruments.

+ Motion Platforms: Simulators, Gaming Stations, Medical Applications, Test Workbench.

+ Torque-controlled joints allow it to be used as a Haptic Feedback Device or as an Assembly Robot.

+ Low-Frequency Vibration Compensators or Dynamic Balancing.