1.8 MP

Max Frame Rate

60 FPS


5x 2.8mm F2.0

Power Consumption


Omni 60

Real-Time 360° panoramic Camera

58° Degree

Vertical FOV

360° Degree

Horizontal FOV


Omni 60 captures 360° panoramic video at 60Hz, for applications including robotics localization and mapping, telepresence, videography, augmented reality, and surveillance. Available models: monochrome, color.

  • 1.8 MP raw video
  • 60 Hz synchronized capture
  • real-time panorama
  • compatible with OpenCV and ROS
  • C, C++ open-source SDK
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and Linux 3+

Omni 60: High FPS Omnidirectional Camera + Panoramic Video

Occam Omni 60 is a high frame rate omnidirectional camera that captures raw 360° field of view the panoramic video at a blazingly fast 60 Hz.

Applications include Streetview, augmented reality, ground platform tracking, quadcopter tracking, and surveillance applications where both visibility and rapid motion are important for use.