3.6 MP

Max Frame Rate

60 FPS


10x 2.8mm F2.0

Power Consumption


Omni Stereo

Real-Time 360° panoramic Camera

58° Degree

Vertical FOV

360° Degree

Horizontal FOV


Combining the power of two Omni 60 cameras, the Omni Stereo is a compact, high frame rate, all-in-one omnidirectional video and depth sensor. Ideally suited to vehicle and robot localization, obstacle detection, and free-space estimation.

  • 3.6 MP raw video
  • 60 Hz synchronized video capture
  • real-time 360-degree panorama
  • compatible with OpenCV and ROS
  • C, C++ open-source SDK
  • Windows 7, 8, 10, and Linux 3+

Omni Stereo: High FPS Omnidirectional Stereo

Omni Stereo gives you ten synchronized and calibrated image streams running up to 60 FPS, arranged as five stereo pairs so you get full panoramic video as well as depth.

Applications include 3D reconstruction, obstacle detection, free-space estimation, ground platform tracking, and many others. Omni Stereo improves on Omni 60 by giving you immediate access to depth information in addition to raw panoramic data, making it an excellent choice for a variety of robot and vehicle localization applications.