Aruni Parallel Robotic

Training Cell


Aruni is a LEARNING SYSTEM COMBINING THEORY and Practical built for students to learn parallel robot intricacies in and out and proceed to develop real-world applications for the industry. Start with the chapters in the manual provided with the training cell and follow up the theory with an experiment on Aruni to see your theory in action. A comprehensive list of theory and practical ensures thorough understanding. We especially thought about students and developers when building our code. One can program directly on the robot using our API and the sample source codes. It’s a great way to learn robotics and do useful applications using MATLAB or Python. Researchers and Developers can develop applications for Flight Simulation, Gyroscope Testing, Pick and Place of various objects using the Gripper provided and alternate grippers, IoT based tele-control using a mobile device.

Scope of Supply

  •  1 No. 6 – RSS pre-assembled parallel platform with Enclosure.
  • USB to TTL converter for high-speed communication (Inbuilt).
  •  220 to 12V, 25A (SMPS) power supply (Inbuilt); Separate Switch for Actuators and
    Illuminating LED Light, Emergency stop; 3 core, 3m, submersible cable for Power
  • Full customization in terms of hardware and software may be provided on
    request(chargeable). E.g.: Customizing top platform for grippers or an
  • Spares: Actuator (Chargeable), Rod-end bearing, Nuts-Bolts.
     Logitech Extreme 3D Pro Joystick.
  •  Integrated PC with preloaded API, Software, Videos, Example codes, Customized
    Drawings and Documentation.
  •  Two fingered gripper (Inbuilt).
  •  Sensors: Add-on accelerometer for self-balancing or feedback, USB Camera.
  •  Laboratory Manual with 10 Experiments.