Consists of an Intel Core-i5 processor, 8GB of DDR3 RAM and a 120GB Solidstate drive to provide serious computing power to mobile robots. The system can be customized or upgraded to add more processing power, RAM, storage and Geforce GTX750 Ti GPU. This unit comes integrated in the Husky with Ubuntu, ROS and all software drivers installed and configured.

The FitPC3 is a baseline fanless computing system perfect for running vehicle control software and interfacing with sensors. The unit comes preinstalled with Ubuntu, ROS and software drivers. This unit is used at the core of Clearpath robots such as the Grizzly RUV.

The Intel-NUC provides Intel-Core level processing in an extremely small form factor, perfect for space and power constrained robots. Equipped with up to 16GB of RAM and 802.11a/c wireless and Bluetooth, this system is available for Clearpath’s Husky with Ubuntu and ROS preinstalled.

The Nvidia Jetson TK1 Board is an ARM-Cortex A15 computing and Tegra K1 GPU system which will enable your robot to carry out CUDA parallel computing with 192 cores in a small form factor. The unit is capable of running ROS and many of the associated packages and drivers.

Microhard broadband technology provides a long range WiFi and serial link to robots in the field. These radios function on the 802.11 standard at either 2.4GHz b/g or 5.8Ghz a/n MIMO. A communications link with L-Com omnidirectional antennas can provide WiFi at distances up to 1km. DGPS corrections can be transmitted across the included serial link when GPS-RTK positioning is required.