Continuous payload

4.4 Kg

Maximum reach

75 cm

Total Weight

3.6 Kg

Power consumption

25 W


 ±27.7 Turns

Actuator joint range

20 CM/S

Maximum Speed


Imagine a robotic arm that’s extremely portable, safe to operate around people, can manipulate objects in any three-dimensional workspace with very low power usage – and is just a fraction of the weight of traditional robotic arms. Kinova Gen2 robots offer you performance, flexibility, and ease all in one.

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Low power consumption
  • Excellent payload-to-weight ratio
  • Compatible with both ROS and our software

Technical Specifications

Payload (mid-range continuous) 4.4 Kg
Total weight3.6 Kg
Maximum reach75 Cm
Maximum Speed20 CM/S
Actuator joint range ±27.7 Turns
Power supply voltage18 to 29 VDC, 24 VDC Nominal
Average power 25 W
Ingress protectionIPX2
Operating temperature 10 °C to 40 °C


Advanced Robotics Doesn’t Have To Rhyme With Complicated Setup.

Our products take only a few minutes to setup. With a simple mechanical mounting and software installation, you’ll start working immediately.

Design Matters

Service robots are designed to be used in proximity to people while serving their needs. We therefore disrupted the design of traditional industrial robots to create a more appealing and aesthetic look and feel.

Tear Down the Cages

Our low inertia products combined with a complete range of sensors prevent the robots from being potentially harmful to itself or its surroundings.


Gen2 4DOF

Gen2 User Guide